Business Self Storage

Office Furnitures, Factory Tools & Machineries, Inventories, Electronics, Health Products, Non-perishable food

Small to Medium Enterprise

Clutter is never a good look for any business. Get your matters in order with the assistance of Revotrend today. From equipments to electronics, our experts know best what goes where. Let us help in organizing your resources so your business is always performing efficiently.

Large Corporation

Your work needs paper but you don’t always need your paperwork. Over time, dated documents often lay sitting in metal cabinets for years. Unopened, unused but still taking up valuable space in your office. Streamline your office and remove the clutter you don’t need, so your office always looks like your esteemed company.

Online E-Commerce

We understand in this time and age, physical premises are no longer needed for sale. At the touch of a finger, goods are traded everyday on the internet. A storage space is, however, always needed. Invest in a system that allows you to be at the cutting edge of storage and security and your business will be one for the future!

Rent from a range of sizes from 14 square feet upwards

Protect your belongings with state-of-the-art security system

Enjoy maximum flexibility on your storage duration

Regular pest control

Round-the-clock access to your personal items

Trolleys and ladders freely available

To find out how Revotrend Sdn Bhd can help you to declutter your space,
call us at 03-6257 7699 or contact us here.


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