warehouse storage services company in malaysia

Warehouse Storage Services Company In Malaysia

RevoSpace is a warehouse storage services company that specializes with organising and controlling everything on behalf of your warehousing needs.  RevoSpace stands among the top-rated warehouse storage services in Malaysia specializing in storing small, medium to heavy load products. We adhere to strict industry operational and safety standards and guidelines.

It is a distinct disadvantage for Malaysian warehouses for not leveraging on warehouse storage services as it can aid in streamlining your supply chain management and allows you to focus on what you do best – your core production processes. Here are additional reasons why you need to check out how warehouse storage services benefit your business:

Provides a centralized location for all your storage needs

Improves your current business storage performance

Lowers the initial conservation costs that some products may require when stored in general stores

Comprehensive storage solution to keep your business's items safe

Maximizes speed and transparency
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Suitable For

Our warehouse storage service is suitable for those who want to keep the products which range from office furniture, factory tools and machinery, inventories, electronics, health products, non-perishable food and more.

Small To Medium Enterprise (SME)

Clutter is never a good look for any business. Get your matters in order with the assistance of Revotrend today. From equipment to electronics, our experts know best what goes where. Let us help in organizing your resources so your business is always performing efficiently.


Large Corporation

Your work needs paper but you don’t always need your paperwork. Over time, dated documents often lay sitting in metal cabinets for years. Unopened, unused but still taking up valuable space in your office. Streamline your office and remove the clutter you don’t need so your office always looks like your esteemed company.


Online E-Commerce

We understand in this time and age, physical premises are no longer needed for sale. At the touch of a finger, goods are traded every day on the internet. A storage space is, however, always needed. Invest in a system that allows you to be at the cutting edge of storage and security and your business will be one for the future.


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Why Choose Us

Government Choice

Revotrend is one of the largest and most trusted document storage and management companies accredited by the National Archives of Malaysia (Arkib Negara) as well as the Ministry of Finance, that offers a cradle-to-grave solution for SECURED information management.

Extreme Security

Our facilities have 16 safety features to ensure the maximum security and care for your inventories, including climate and pest control.

High Insurance

Revotrend is the only company that ensures every company or private’s box of documents up to RM500,000 if damaged or missing.

Our Security Features


Multi-Tier Racking System

Dedicated Van with GPS

24/7 Security Guard Patrol

Rotating Air Conditioning

Active CCTV Surveillance

Active DVR Recording

Biometric Control System

Fire Extinguisher

Automated fire Alarm

Smoke Detector

Humidity Control

All Parties Signs NDA

Strict Guideliness Protocol

Fire Control System

All CMS Linked to Police Stations

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Who Are We

Revotrend is one of the largest and most trusted document storage and management companies accredited by the National Archives of Malaysia (Arkib Negara) as well as the Ministry of Finance, that offers a cradle-to-grave solution for SECURED information management.

We help companies to save space and cost by sending their piles of paperwork and inventories to our safeguard facilities. We are given official recognition and recommendation by the government for helping to store highly sensitive goods and documents securely throughout the years.

Awards And Recognition

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about warehouse service storage of Revotrend?

We are accountable for safe and efficient operation besides ensuring compliance with customs, quality and regulatory standards. We have skilled staff for handling the dispatch of inventories to support procurement logistics.

Is it safe to utilize warehouse storage service especially under COVID-19 outbreak?

Yes, it is safe especially our storage facilities are designed with the greatest feature in mind, such as a clean and rotating air conditioning environment.

What is the benchmark for us to choose the right warehouse storage service company in Malaysia?

It is very important to make sure the warehouse storage company provide a systematic storage system and storage handling equipment such as multi-tier racking system like what Revotrend provided

What types of business are suitable to go for warehouse storage company service in Malaysia?

We highly welcome those who are from SME, large corporations or even E-commerce backgrounds to invest in our warehouse storage service. We offer a range of warehouse space in strategic locations to suit all your business needs and we strive for cross-functional collaboration to ensure that the operations are complementing with order fulfilment under warehouse storage service.

Is warehouse storage service important in 2021?

Yes, warehouse storage service is absolutely important especially since we are under industrial revolution 4.0 nowadays and it is vital to keep things streamline and systematic. Your company should think about investing in warehouse storage systems as a considerable capital investment.


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