• RevoFlo Digital Document Management

User Defined Record Types

• User Defined Metadata or Properties

  • Support of custom metadata of different types (text, integers, decimals, reference to records, reference to people/places/groups, date/timestamps, blobs etc.)
  • Easily configurable validation rules without programming
  • Support for multi-value metadata or properties

• Versioning of Electronic Content

• Check-In and Check-Out of Electronic Content

• Folder Hierarchy

  • Support for multiple levels of folders / subfolders
  • Support for alternative folders so that a record can be in multiple folders without making a copy of the record

• Data Entry Forms Designer

  • Configurable data entry forms without programming
  • Support for layout of metadata in multiple tabs
  • Intelligent browse capability (browse/search for records, people, groups, roles, places etc.)
  • Lookup Sets
  • Master-Detail Forms
  • Renaming of metadata / properties (Aliases)
  • Support for Unicode / Multiple Languages

• Universal Document Viewer

  • Supports the rendering of 300+ file formats
  • Supports annotations and redactions

• Powerful Search

  • More than 30+ search methods already built-in
  • Search on built-in record attributes or user-defined properties
  • Boolean searches
  • Relational operators
  • Full Text Search
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search (support multiple search methods joined together)
  • Sorting by metadata
  • Filtering by record types
  • Searches can be saved and re-executed later

• Web-based Desktop Scanning

• Web Reporting

  • Report Designer for Report Templates
  • Ajax-based report viewer in the web browser
  • Export Report (to PDF, MS word, MS Excel etc.)

• Flexible Security and Access Control

  • User Profiles (pre-defined: Administrator, Information Manager, Information Worker, End User, Enquiry User, and custom Profiles)
  • Security Levels & Restricted Access
  • Record Type and Record Level Access Control
  • Full Audit Trail

• Digital Signature (e-Signature)

  • Multiple signatures in single document
  • Prompted authenticate features
  • Additional verifications

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