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What is RevoScan

RevoScan is a trusted and secured Document Digitization Services that helps bring new efficiency to your organization by converting hard-copy files to digital soft copies. When documents are scanned and indexed, your employees will save countless hours searching for documents just by typing phrases or keywords of the file that they are looking for. Just imagine the power of having your own version of a Google search engine to search for all the documents in your organization!

RevoScan will help to:

Provide backup copy of important physical records in the event of theft, fire or flood

Increase information retrieval speed hence increasing workers productivity

Improve information security by assigning different level of user access rights

Eliminate duplication of the document

Increase office space and ultimately

Saving you costs!
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Why Choose Revoscan


Though computers are a mainstay at most companies, studies show 80 percent of all business information is still paper-based. This not only cost businesses time and money, it could also pose high data security risks in the event of fire and flood.

Using the best scanners, we are able to convert high volumes of documents to any digital formats, big or small, single or double sided, mono or colour.

Our team is available to handle all aspects of digitization, including taking out the staples, scanning, indexing, and storing them in our highly secure data centre for ready web access or save them to a CD, DVD, or Flash drive. To provide an additional level of protection, we mirror store all your files to another offsite data center.

What We Offer

Onsite or Offsite Scanning

Document scanning can be a cumbersome and lengthy process. If you decide to handle it on your own, you’ll have to commit a lot of time and effort to do a good job. Instead, you may want to hire professionals who will come to your place with the necessary equipment and handle the scanning of all documents in the fastest way possible

Information of all format

We do provide large document scanning services whether it is large format drawings, microfilm, microfiche or books bound by Saddle Stitching or Perfect Binding; files bound by coil or wire binding; photos stuck in sticky-backed albums or tapped collages; big or small size, we can do it!


Including de-skew, straighten and align page, cropping, removal of unwanted speckles, watermark, black space or just beautifying the digital document


We specialized in offering reliable document repair services for crumpled or damaged documents before the scanning process


We specialized in scanning and indexing services according to the document types and rules for a wide range of sectors, including banking and finance, education, retail, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and so on


Electronic records and document management system for capturing, storing, retrieving and sharing files. It is available on-premise and in the cloud, so clients have the flexibility of deciding whether to host their own data

Why Use Our Service

Increased Productivity & Cost Saving

Document scanning frees up time for your employees, allowing them to attend to productive business duties, rather than spending countless hours searching for documents. When documents are scanned, these electronic files can be obtained immediately and if required, shared or distributed both internally and externally.

Security & Disaster Recovery

Simply filing old documents away when no longer needed does not necessarily provide your company and customers with the security needed. Document scanning and storage provides reliable security and easy access.

Online Access

Simply filing old documents away when no longer needed does not necessarily provide your company and customers with the security needed. Document scanning and storage provides reliable security and easy access.

PDF with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Searchable .pdf files are a must when it comes to scanned documents. Our system allows us to OCR all of your documents quickly and easily into .pdf format..

Why Choose Revotrend

Government Choice

Our company is Malaysia National Archive and Khazanah National Berhad top choice and recommendation for inventory management

Extreme Security

Our facilities have 16 safety features to ensure the maximum security and care for your inventories, including climate and pest control

High Insurance

Revotrend is the only company that ensures every company or private’s box of documents up to RM500,000 if damaged or missing.

Who Are We

Revotrend is one of the largest and most trusted document storage and management companies accredited by the National Archives of Malaysia (Arkib Negara) as well as the Ministry of Finance, that offers a cradle-to-grave solution for SECURED information management.

We help companies to save space and cost by sending their piles of paperwork and inventories to our safeguard facilities. We are given official recognition and recommendation by the government for helping to store highly sensitive goods and documents securely throughout the years.

Awards and recognition


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