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What is RevoSpace

Record Center & Business Storage Units for Rent in Malaysia

RevoSpace is a secured & certified facility to store your company’s documents in our secure facilities. Putting away unneeded stuff in our document management system in Malaysia will create more space for your employees to be productive.

RevoSpace will help to:

Save inventory spaces and management cost

Prevent internal or external data breaches

Safeguard your archive from theft and damages

Prevent your records from degradation by pests

No more spending hours or days to find files

Rent more storage space for your business
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What We Offer

 – World-Class Commercial Storage Units To Rent –

Offsite Document Storage & Management

We use feature-rich information management and record tracking software that allows us to easily and accurately manage, track and monitor the activity of any storable item (boxes, file folders, documents, tapes) throughout the warehouse.

Offsite Media & Tape Backup Vaulting

We offer unparalleled levels of security and safety by moving computer tapes, disks and other valuable or sensitive media offsite and offline into our secure and restricted facility

Personal Self Storage

RevoSpace Self Storage provides you with a space to store all your personal belongings in different shapes and sizes, from cars and machineries to bicycles and furniture!

Business Self Storage

RevoSpace business storage is suitable for the background of SME, large corporation or online E-Commerce. They can rent from a range of sizes from 14 square feet upwards for office furniture, factory tools & machineries, inventories, electronics, health products, non-perishable food, etc.

Why Use Our Service

 – The Nation’s Trusted Record Center in Malaysia –

These are the top reasons why Revospace is so different from other companies out there. If you sign up for our business or commercial storage units for rent, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits for your business. Make your business more efficient, organised and tidy starting right now.

1. Cost & Time Savings
  • Much cheaper rental fees compared to expensive office rental.
  • Reduce office shelving costs.
  • Eliminate wastage of time and labour managing & searching records.
2. Safe & Secured Storage
  • 100% system audit trail
  • Guards on duty 24 hours a day, CCTV surveillance and biometric access to ensure maximum security for the document management & digitisation services .
  • Equipped with extensive fire-fighting and temperature controlling equipments.
  • Periodical Pest Control
3. Professionally Managed
  • Advanced system to ensure accuracy in Identification, Cataloguing and Track & Trace.
  • Easy to use system without the need to change the existing file referencing system.
4. Convenience
  • Collection & delivery to your doorstep.
  • Imaging and destruction services available.

Why Choose Revotrend

 – Reasons To Trust Our Document Management System in Malaysia –

Accredited By

Malaysia National Archive and Ministry of Finance as Top Listed Company for inventory management.

Extreme Security

Our facilities have 16 safety features to ensure the maximum security and care for your inventories, including climate and pest control.

High Insurance

Revotrend is the only company that ensures every company or private’s box of documents up to RM500,000 if damaged or missing. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Who Are We

Revotrend is one of the largest and most trusted document storage and management companies accredited by the National Archives of Malaysia (Arkib Negara) as well as the Ministry of Finance, that offers a cradle-to-grave solution for SECURED information management.

We help companies to save space and cost by sending their piles of paperwork and inventories to our safeguard facilities. We are given official recognition and recommendation by the government for helping to store highly sensitive goods and documents securely throughout the years.

Awards and recognition

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is document management service necessary

Document management service (document digitisation services) is a highly specialized and critical function for any organization because it ensures safe and secure storage for your sensitive documents in a convenient manner.

What is the range of your document management services included?

Our document management services (document digitisation service) include implementation, support and a whole range of business process services to move forward the journey of the paperless office. 

Why should I believe in document management services?

Document management services (document digitisation service) used by many organizations utilize the digitalization of documents to facilitate the access and editing of documentation and their storage in a centralized location to make employees access them with ease. 

It’s now the best time to go for document management service?

Yes, It’s time for you to tackle the chaos of document and information overload and create a foundation for your information with our document management services (document digitisation service). If you need someone to retrieve a few files or need more information about our document management services (document digitisation service), we are the best choice, we handle all requests quickly and professionally. 

What is the end objective of document management service?

Our document management service (document digitisation service) is designed to help scan and archive the documents. We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of document management services (document digitisation service) to help keep your business operations secure.


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