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Every company, no matter how big or how small, contains a large amount of important documents. You need to ensure your assets that contain sensitive information can be disposed of and destroyed.

RevoStroy offers secure and confidential document shredding services in Kuala Lumpur (shredding paper service) for sensitive information. Our service makes it simple for you to ensure that the private information within your files is kept secure and is destroyed safely.

Document disposal helps to free up storage space to reduce cost or for more productive use. Personal and sensitive data from stakeholders and clients, and other important records ought to be completely disposed of in adherence with the Privacy Act.

RevoStroy provides secure document shredding and destruction services for materials of all types, including paper, electronic media and computer hard drives. Certificate of Destruction is issued for every batch of destruction completed, so you can be 100% confident that your information has been securely destroyed.

RevoStroy will help to:

Ensure private information is kept confidential

Ensure all your sensitive information destroyed safely

Free up storage space to reduce cost

Mitigate the risk of data breach

Provide onsite shredding services in Kuala Lumpur & Malaysia

Provide your business with a mobile document shredding truck

Save the cost of employee’s time as shredding hundreds or thousands of documents very time consuming
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What We Offer

 – Secure & Confidential Document Shredding Services in KL –

We have many document destruction security options including:

1. Onsite Shredding Services (Onsite Document Destruction Bins)

Our onsite shredding services include the use of destruction bins which are an easy way to dispose of documents at the customer’s location. These bins have a slot just big enough for a stack of papers and the lids have locks for security. We come to your office and swap your full bins with empty bins based on your schedule. Your bins will be set up on a routine emptying schedule for your convenience.

2. Media and IT Asset Destruction Services

Our facility provides a safe environment to securely dispose and destroy a wide range of media including backup tapes, bank cards, disks, photos, X-rays, films and more. We follow a professional and secure process to completely destroy your media before disposing it in an eco-friendly manner, such as through the use of mobile document shredding trucks.

Why Use Our Service

– Mobile Shredding Truck Services & More –

Absolute destruction of files and records

Reduce your office shelving cost and focus on real work instead of managing paperwork and boxes

Enhance compliance

We equip the facilities with 24/7 CCTV surveillance with biometric systems and environmental control

Free up storage and office space

Improve efficiency of your business by our service

Reduced inefficient processes

Save more time by eliminating the need to search for documents

Why Choose Revotrend

Government Choice

Our company is Malaysia National Archive and Khazanah National Berhad top choice and recommendation for inventory management

Extreme Security

Our facilities have 16 safety features to ensure the maximum security and care for your inventories, including climate and pest control.

High Insurance

Revotrend is the only company that ensures every company or private’s box of documents up to RM500,000 if damaged or missing.

Who Are We

Revotrend is one of the largest and most trusted document storage and management companies accredited by the National Archives of Malaysia (Arkib Negara) as well as the Ministry of Finance, that offers a cradle-to-grave solution for SECURED information management.

We help companies to save space and cost by sending their piles of paperwork and inventories to our safeguard facilities. We are given official recognition and recommendation by the government for helping to store highly sensitive goods and documents securely throughout the years.

Awards and recognition

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