Secured Offsite Document Storage & Document Management

Secured Offsite Document Storage & Document Management Services

Fast access to information allows businesses to make wiser and faster decisions and as they say it, time is money. However, most companies lack a strategic document storage and management system to deal with the ever-increasing number of files and papers being generated.

It is also inevitable that employees filing or retrieving records can misfile, mislabeled, lose or even steal it. It has been reported that up to 20% of data or information breaches happen due to internal employees having unauthorized access to the records. That is where we can come in to provide stellar document management and archiving services to help your business.

Malaysia’s Preferred B2B Document Archiving Company

RevoSpace is an Offsite Document Storage and Document Management solution housed under the state-of-the-art, secured warehousing utilising the latest fingerprint access, security, fire and flood protection system. Our fleet of tracked vehicles and barcode system ensure your paperwork is securely collected, handled and checked in throughout the process.

Barcodes are the only identifier of the cartons with no indication of company name or IDs on the carton. This coupled with randomized cartons storage pattern will provide an additional layer of protection against theft of boxes.

All documents accessed or destroyed are digitally tracked and logged in our system, hence giving you a 100% audit trail for added security.

Why You Can Trust Our Document Archiving Company

As an established document archiving company, we use a feature-rich information management and record tracking software that allows us to easily and accurately manage, track and monitor the activity of any storable item (boxes, file folders, documents, tapes) throughout the warehouse.

If you need a little help, we also offer boxing up and indexing as part of our document management and archiving services. Documents can be accessed quickly using scan on demand. Simply submit your file request online by phone or email and it is retrieved, scanned and digitally returned within hours.

Store documents offsite to:

  • prevent unauthorized access to confidential information
  • free up office space
  • spend less time searching for documents
  • more time making money

RevoSpace solution offers a full range of document storage services including:

Inventory listing and packing service

for clients that are too busy to box their own files. We will go to client’s office and do it for them.

Retrieval service

Scheduled, normal, priority and urgent.

Pickup and delivery service

Proper handling and reliable delivery

Two different types of storage options:

Carton management – storage and tracking documents by per carton. (General files)
File management – storage and tracking documents by per file. (Active files)


securely and systematically dispose the unwanted documents safely as per client’s schedule/requirements.

Online Access

our software allows you to access your inventory online, perform queries, and print/export reports. You can also place orders for retrieval, pickup, or supplies from the convenience of your computer.

Scan On Demand

we can retrieve files and have it scanned and emailed to clients who sometimes need the document fast.

Viewing Room

a large, comfortable area where you have all the space and supplies needed to review documents at no extra cost. You save delivery fees by only paying for storage retrieval and return.


including on site viewing and printing.

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