RevoFlo Workflow Management

✔ Web-based Graphical Workflow Designer

✔ Parallel execution of workflow tasks and activities

  • Decisions & Merges (support custom scripted guard conditions)
  • Forks & Joins

✔ Escalation of tasks to other users after user-defined periods of time

✔ Support custom scripting of workflow activities for custom business logic, validation, or integration with Third Party databases and systems

✔ Support “Wait” actions which wait for a defined period of time or for some signal from other systems before completion

✔ Associate metadata (Process Variables) with the workflow or any task within the workflow

✔ Supports “Swimlanes”

✔ Associate Milestones with workflow tasks

✔ Records KPI-related metadata – Estimated Duration & Costs, Actual Duration & Costs

✔ Full audit trail of all activities and tasks

✔ Alerts and Notifications

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